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Journal of Globalization for the Common Good


Kenya, April 2005--The co-editors of JGCG met at the fourth Globalisation for the Common Good conference, Africa and Globalisation for the Common Good: The Quest for Justice and Peace, and envisioned the establishment of this timely and open-access electronic publication which will be inaugurated at the fifth Globalisation for the Common Good conference at the Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2006.

Globalisation for the Common Good is dedicated to promote ethical, moral and spiritual values into the areas of economics, commerce, trade and international relations amongst others, as well as personal virtues, to advance understanding and action on major global issues by civil society, the private enterprise, the public sector, governments, and national and international institutions, leading to the promotion of collaborative policy solutions to the challenges posed by globalisation. We are committed to the idea that the marketplace is not just an economic sphere, ‘it is a region of the human spirit’. We view the problem and challenge of globalisation not only from an economic point of view, but also from ethical, spiritual and theological perspectives. Globalisation for the common good is predicated on a global economy of sharing and community, grounded in an economic value system whose aim is generosity and the promotion of a just distribution of the world’s goods, services, natural resources, and wealth.

  • FrequencyJournal of Globalization for the Common Good is published bi-annually (spring and fall), each issue focuses on a particular theme, topic, or region of the world.

  • SubscriptionJournal of Globalization for the Common Good is available to interested individuals free of charge (open access).

  • SponsorshipJournal of Globalization for the Common Good is hosted by the Center for Global Studies, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, Indiana, USA.

  • AffiliationJournal of Globalization for the Common Good is the official publication of Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (, based in the United Kingdom.

  • We believe that a genuine intercultural and inter-faith dialogue, based on co-operation and mutual respect, is a significant way of bringing the world together; enhancing intercultural understanding, and leading to the creation of a harmonious global environment. Such efforts will contribute to world of peace, justice and prosperity for all.

    We will look forward to your contributions to JGCG and assistance in recommending this publication to your interested friends and colleagues.


    Yahya R. Kamalipur, PhD
    Professor and Head
    Department of Communication


    Center for Global Studies
    Purdue University Calumet
    Indiana, USA


    Kamran Mofid, PhD
    Founder and Director
    Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative
    United Kingdom


    Copyright 2006 - Journal of Globalization for the Common Good -