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Journal of Globalization for the Common Good publishes works that focus on a wide range of global issues, such as poverty, human rights, global justice, propaganda, global media, global economy, global conflicts, inter-faith dialogue, ethics, cultural and spiritual values, international cooperation, non-violent conflict resolution and peace building, intercultural communication, alternative socio-economic models, young people and globalization, women's rights, human rights, war and peace, environmental issues, global rules and regulations, regional disputes and cooperation, alternative media, and other timely subjects involving globalization.

 All scholarly articles should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Articles and essays must be written according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, latest edition.

2. Articles should include: (a) article title, (b) author name/s, (c) current position/affiliation, (d) brief biography, (e) email and mail addresses, (f) a brief abstract, (g) five to ten keywords reflecting the contents of paper, and (g) the URL for author/s' personal web page.

3. Submissions must be in camera-ready format and include tables, graphs, charts, etc. within the text.

4. Although there is no absolute limit on length, submitted papers should be confined to approximately 7000 words.

5. Authors are expected to carefully proofread their work before submission.

6. Articles that do not conform to the stated submission guideline will be returned to author/s for revisions.

7. Authors are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from copyright holders for reproducing previously published material, including charts, graphs, photos, tables, etc.

8. Authors should consider including links to any references, web pages, or sites related to their work (this is a strong advantage of electronic publications).

9. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Editors electronically via email, CD, or HD disc in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or text format.

10. Authors are strongly urged to not use the automated footnoting feature in Word or WordPerfect as these generated footnotes or endnotes do not import well into HTML format; it would be best to simply type these as endnotes at the end of the article per APA guidelines as indicated above (using subscripted numeric markers within the article text).

Invited articles may vary in length but should follow the above guideline. Authors are highly encouraged to include related and useful web links in their work. This would certainly allow the Journal to maximize its potential by offering to authors, readers, researchers, students, and professionals immediate access to a wide range of existing electronic resources and web sites. In many respects, the prospects for electronic publications are indeed revolutionary and exciting!

Printable Guidelines (PDF)

Copyright 2006 - Journal of Globalization for the Common Good -

Copyright 2006 - Journal of Globalization for the Common Good -