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An Invitation to Authors and Publishers

One of the greatest obstacles to education, learning and academic discourse in many parts of the world is the inability of students and indeed their professors to buy books. In many countries, for example, a single copy of a book printed in Western Europe or the United States can cost up to a third of a professor’s monthly salary. For many students, the relative expense for new books is even greater. What about the Internet, which provides free information? Many sites now offer books, chapters or articles online, but only when they receive credit card information for purchase – and the majority of students and teachers in the developing world cannot afford credit cards.

Journal of Globalization for the Common Good (JGCG) is designed to assist teachers, students and all those ‘seekers’ who are interested in exploring more about globalisation and especially globalisation in the global public interest. Our aim is to develop an extensive library of resources, representing different points of view, but all written from the perspective of sound scholarship and research on globalization for the benefit of the world’s people.

We invite publishers and authors to post books, book summaries, chapters or articles online at our journal website < >

so that we can make them available to everyone free of charge for the common good. The copyright will remain with publishers/authors. Our readers may download the material and reprint or quote it for educational purposes, but may not use it for profit. Quotations must be cited. In most cases, the print origin of the particular article will be indicated in the heading. If the document is original to our site, then JGCG must be cited. Where possible, a brief biography of the author, or the details of the publisher, will be carried in the heading. In some cases, a list of books written by the author or links to other sites will be included for those seeking further exploration.

We do hope that you join us in this mission for the common good and make it possible for many to access the fruits of your scholarly work – especially those who are currently denied access to important research because of financial circumstances.



Globalisation for the Common Good
by Kamran Mofid

Promoting the Common Good
Kamran Mofid & Marcus Braybrooke

Magna Carta of Harmony
for an Information Civilization: Toward Social Justice and Global Peace

by Leo Semashko

The Possibility of Progress
by Mark Braund

Ricardo's Law
by Fred Harrison

Marcus Aurelius: The Dialogues
by Alan Stedall

What is a University?
by Peter Milward

Business Ethics
by Kamran Mofid

Intercultural Education: Ethnographic And Religious Approaches
by Eleanor Nesbitt

A New Model of the Economy
by Brian Hodgkinson

The President:
A Political Novel

by John Stewart

by John Stewart

Right Relationship:
Building a Whole Earth Economy
by Peter G. Brown
and Geoffrey Garver

Downloads are available in Adobe .pdf format
and require use of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader

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