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Conference Announcement


Globalisation for the Common Good: An Interfaith Perspective

Seventh Annual Conference  - Melbourne 2008

From the Middle East to Asia Pacific:
Arc of Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures and Religions?


30 June - 4 July 2008
Trinity College, University of Melbourne

Melbourne, the Major Events 'capital' of Australia, is preparing a warm welcome for participants at the 2008 International Conference, Globalisation for the Common Good - at historic Trinity College, the first College established within The University of Melbourne.

Melbourne is recognised as the Interfaith Centre of Australia and is proud of its multicultural and multi-faith communities.  The city will also host a series of events prior to World Youth Day in July 2008 and host the 2009 Parliament of the World's religions. 

The GCG 2008 programme is designed to achieve three objectives:

  • To explore the far-reaching ramifications of conflict in the Middle East (broadly defined) for the religious, cultural and political landscape of the Asia-Pacific region;

  • To bring together in fruitful interaction the insights of several disciplinary traditions (in particular religious studies, cultural studies, international relations, history, sociology and law);

  • To illuminate and strengthen the connections between the Middle East and the geographic regions which constitute Asia Pacific, in particular West Asia, South Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Previous conferences have been held in Oxford (2002), St Petersburg (2003), Dubai (2004), Kericho, Kenya (2005), Honolulu (2006) and Istanbul (2007). The Melbourne conference will be the first in the series to be held with a clear Asia-Pacific focus. For background information on the initiative and details of previous conferences visit:  

This major international conference is organised by the Centre for Dialogue (La Trobe University; Melbourne, Australia), Trinity College (University of Melbourne), the Melbourne College of Divinity, and the Asia-Pacific Institute for Inter-Religious Dialogue (Australian Catholic University).

The Conference is jointly convened by Dr Kamran Mofid and Professor Joseph A. Camilleri (Director of the Centre for Dialogue and Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University).

For more details please visit the conference’s web site:


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