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Table of Contents
Spring 2008 Issue

Editors Notes for Spring 2008,  Yahya Kamalipour and Kamran Mofid
Religion in Public Life, Alan Race, Interreligious Insight, UK, and IEP21
A dharmic perspective: compassionate understanding and ‘Globalisation for the Common Good’ discourse, Andrew Wicking, University of Melbourne, Australia
The Power of Ahimsā (Nonviolence): Gandhi’s gift to a violent world, Ruwan Palapathwala, University of Melbourne, Australia
Mass Media, Globalization, and Information Gap, Yahya Kamalipour, Purdue University Calumet, USA
Globalization and Glocalization: Leveraging Technological Tools to Serve the Common Good, Christopher Kosovich, Purdue University Calumet, USA
Mass Media as an Instrument in Educational Counter-Terrorism Programs,
Irena Chiru, National Intelligence Academy, Romania
Inter-Civilisational Dialogue: A Path to Conflict Transformation, Joseph A. Camilleri, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Global Multiculturalism versus the "War of Cultures", Ada Aharoni, IFLAC Pave Peace, Israel
In Vain: Violence in God’s Name, Jim Kenney, Interreligious Engagement Project, USA (IEP21)
Three Faiths Forum: A Path to Peace Building, Sidney L. Shipton, Three Faiths Forum, UK
From dualism to holism: Cultivating a culture of peace in the ‘First World’ (The arrow that pierced duality), Mayumi Futamura, University of Queensland, Australia
The United Nations Peace Force in Cyprus as the Psychiatrist of Global Governmentality on the ‘Dangerous’ Cypriot Population, Nejdan Yildiz, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
Education for Security in Romania: Survey on Young People, Ella Magdalena Ciuperca, National Intelligence Academy, Romania
A False Dawn? The Oslo peace accord as a case study of international mediation, conflict management and religious fundamentalism, Orna Almog, Kingston University, UK
Happiness and the Eye of the Beholder: The Deeper Implications of GNH for a Morally Distracted World, Ross McDonald, University of Auckland, New Zealand
The Dilemma of Hudud and International Human Rights: Proposing a Benevolent Mechanism, Shahrul Mizan Ismail, International Islamic University of Malaysia
Rediscovering the Sense and Role of Common Good in the Globalized Society, M. Lorenz Moisés J. Festín, San Carlos Seminary, Philippines
From Rawls to a Worldwide Welfare System: A Philosophical Draft of Arithmetical Justice in Redistribution, Frank Tillmann, Martin Luther University, Germany
The Psychological Aspects of Peace, Bahman Dadgostar, Pain Management and Behavioral Medicine, USA, and Ann Hallock

Copyright 2006 - Journal of Globalization for the Common Good -

Copyright 2006 - Journal of Globalization for the Common Good -